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Contesta Oy is a full service testing and research laboratory in the field of concrete technology.

Our staff of highly skilled experts and technicians provides services such as wide range of testing, thin section analysis, failure analysis, research and development, condition assessment and quality control of concrete and other construction materials. 

In addition, Contesta Oy offers expert assessments and consulting on concrete work specification and complaint cases, as well as evaluating whether concrete mix designs fulfill project requirements. We work with national and international clients to find the best solutions even for the most difficult and complex assignments. 

The essential parts of our testing operations have been accredited. Contesta Oy also works as a Notified Body (NB 1138) under the Construction Products Regulation EU No 305/2011.

Our services

Expert services

A knowledgeable partner in concrete construction. We offer high quality technical investigations of concrete constructions as well as services in product development and quality control. In close cooperation with our customers we solve problems regarding unsatisfactory quality in concrete constructions (e.g. damaged floors) and the causes of these damages.

Expert services for bridges and special structures

We offer high quality inspection- and expert services with long time experience. Our targets are bridges and other special structures of different materials located in different environments.

Technical concrete testing services

We perform quality- and acceptance testing of concrete constructions, hardened concrete, concrete products and construction material.

Condition analysis of concrete constructions

By a professional condition analysis of the concrete construction we are able to determine the immediate condition of the construction, the type and extent of possible damages as well as safety risks for continued usage.

Asbestos laboratory

Reliable asbestos analyses by electron microscopy We offer accredited, by electron microscope performed, asbestos analyses of material- air- and surface dust samples at our laboratory in Parainen. With a sweeping electron microscope, magnification of several thousand times are achieved and with the attached EDS-analyzer, the qualitative element composition of the sample is determined.

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